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Prayer has the power to change lives, and however you pray, Prayer is Good wants to help. Pray all day and pray like crazy!  Because when we take the time to connect with God, he hears us and miracles happen.
Creating new ways to bring prayer to the forefront of your mind is what we do at Prayer is Good. We are praying over our business and each product we make that it will find and inspire you to take a moment… and pray.
Pray continually and share your prayers with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Love Brette

Brette Petway, Founder & Creator, is no stranger to grief and the power of prayer. Her 30-year spiritual journey exploring and sharing art therapy, journaling, and prayer deepening techniques impassioned her creation of Prayer is Good (TM). She’s deeply committed and feels spiritually moved to lead all dear peeps closer to God, wholeness, and peace through prayer. Brette self-funded several art and faith inspired companies and created many spirit filled products in her lifetime. She believes Prayer is Good is a culmination of all she learned and wants to share, and partnered with Ian Otto and Laura Blunt to help her fulfill her life’s prayer.

Ian Otto, Management & Operations, has spent the last 14 years helping grow small businesses through his expertise in marketing, technology, and management. He is Prayer is Good’s rock and leads our team.

Laura Blunt, Product & Sales, spent the past 25 years immersed in the creation, marketing, selling and distribution of message-based gifts. She helps craft and promote Prayer is Good’s prayerful products.
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